Cosmetic product retouching has been a specialty for many years.  We've compiled some projects below by client



"Jewels" was the client direction given for the images below.

DazzleFluidline_Silver_Stroke_B copy.jpg

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Color "Smushes" as they are often called a staple of cosmetics advertising... we enjoy these very much.

Candy_yum_yum copy.jpg


Color accuracy is key when it comes to cosmetics, but so is image consistency.
In the examples below, we used single product images to expand into a color range.
All were visually matched to product under a calibrated viewing station.

20160623_Catchlight_PROD_BIISHeroShot-COMP_FINAL copy.jpg
20160628_Catchlight_PROD_SMLLHeroShot-COMP1_FINAL copy.jpg
20160628_Catchlight_PROD_SMLLHeroShot-COMP2_FINAL copy.jpg



Maybelline was a high volume client that required a range of precise color accurate samples,  expanded from a single image.
In this case were working from Pantone and process numbers to match tones.




Aside from advertising and catalog shots, Catchlight has worked on thousands of product images for avon.

More often then not, we are asked to expand a color range from a single shot.
Unlike some of our other clients, Avon always provides the the product that we are to match. Along with the final images
we return reference pantones and process formulas.

PCCGD_024_GS_1167525MAY211 copy.jpg



Working from a single rough prototype, Catchlight was asked to create final advertising image.
As a result, the images below are part photography, part illustration.

PINK copy.jpg