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From its inception, Catchlight was founded on three basic principles: each image is a unique situation requiring an individual approach; sometimes what you leave unaltered is as important as what you retouch; and, if you can see what was done it was done incorrectly.

Far too often digital retouching and image manipulation is left to technicians with little or no background in aesthetic training. The Catchlight approach to digital retouching stems from our background in fine art and photography. We see the computer not as a replacement for skill and creativity but as an evolution of the darkroom and studio. We believe our understanding of the image to be our best contribution to our clients. Having a fine art background enables us to understand the image and the individual photographer's vision far better than a computer technician can.

Recognizing that one templated style is not right for every image, we alter our approach to each individual image, similar to the photographer altering their lens, film and lighting. We do not utilize a pre-defined style or process that would hinder the artistic concept. This approach allows us to cater to a specific image and client, providing a personal and tailored result for each project.

The retouching and manipulation process, no matter how extreme or surreal, should not overshadow the subject matter. The final image should appear as though it was done "in camera". Understanding that at times a "flaw" is an asset allows us to see which "imperfections" detract from the image and which enhance and define it. Knowing when to stop the process is crucial.

We aspire not only to please our clients but to exceed their expectations every time.